To participate, please contact a prevention and promotion agent (PP agent) of the CISSS de la Côte-Nord. This health professional can provide coaching to get this promotional activity started in your organisation.

Here are the different steps that will allow you to take up the challenge:

  • Step 1. Designate a person to represent the Rallye in your workplace.
  • Step 2. The designated person contacts the PP agent in their territory to create a Rallye link.
  • Step 3. The designated person sends an email invitation, with the registration link, to people in their workplace.
  • Step 4. Employees form teams of four and name a captain.
  • Step 5. The captain creates a team by clicking on the registration link provided by the designated person in their area.
  • Step 6. Each participant receives an email confirming their participation and creates their own profile.

And that’s it! You have signed up for the Rallye sur la Côte!

How to move forward?

By signing up, each participant agrees to record their fruit, vegetable and water consumption, as well as their practice of physical activity, in the compilation table on the website of the Rallye.

Number of kilometres


  • Consumption of fruits and vegetables in a meal: 1 km
  • Consumption of fruits and vegetables in a snack: 1 km
  • Consumption of at least two different kinds of vegetables or fruits with a meal or snack: 3 km bonus per day
  • Daily water consumption – 1 litre and more per day: 2 km

Physical activity:

The calculation is done in 10-minute periods of exercise and the kilometres are calculated according to the activity intensity. There is no daily maximum.

By 10-minute periods:

  • Light-intensity physical activity = 1 km
  • Moderate-intensity physical activity = 2 km
  • High-intensity physical activity = 3 km

No daily maximum km

Personal challenge:

At the beginning of the Rallye, each participant must identify a personal challenge. On the 7th day of each week, the person must check the box indicating if the challenge has been met, which allows an additional 10 km. The opportunities for personal challenges are limitless, as long as there is a link to health.

Suggestions for personal challenges:

  • Brush one’s teeth (goal: at least twice per day)
  • Floss (goal: once per day)
  • Listen to your hunger and satiety signals
  • Eat more meals with legumes, fish or whole grain products
  • Eat together as a family, without screens
  • Cook with unprocessed foods
  • Try a new physical activity
  • Increase the intensity of physical activities
  • Spend less time in front of screens
  • Integrate active breaks into your workday
  • Every evening, note the day’s events that did you good
  • Do meditation / yoga / relaxation exercises
  • Read, do a creative project or an intellectually-stimulating activity
  • Reduce alcohol consumption
  • Call at least one loved one to check on them
  • Stick post-it notes with positive messages in various places
  • Avoid all stimulants for at least an hour before bed: tobacco, coffee, chocolate, screens
  • Develop a bedtime routine for better sleep

Have a good Rallye!

List of prevention-promotion agents and their contact information:

Julie Bourgeault


418 233-2931, poste 232024

Marie-Hélène Fournier


418 296-2572, poste 315202

Jasmine Lavoie


418 766-2572, poste 443231

Noémie Gervais


418 962-9761, poste 414128

Noémie Gaudreault


418 287-3280, poste 712211

Amélie Landry


418-538-2212, poste 542279

Patrick Burke


418-461-2144 poste 611234

Activities for motivating the troops

Here are some examples of activities you could organize to motivate the troops and log kilometers for the Rallye sur la Côte:

  • Bring apples (or other fruits) as a snack during breaks
  • Organize a walk during the lunch hour
  • Organize a sports activity, such as a hockey game, in the evenings or on weekends
  • Ask your co-workers to bring a piece of fruit to make a fruit salad during break time